Enhanced, Best-Selling SEVEN Implant is Launched

June, 2018

MIS launched the enhanced SEVEN Implant System. Several key features have been added, that make this outstanding, top-selling internal hex implant even better. 


The biological stability and predictable esthetics of the SEVEN, combined with the extensive R&D process which has led to these new improvements, have given the SEVEN a potential advantage in soft tissue preservation and growth as well as an array of restorative benefits. 

The combination of its unique features may provide the dentist with higher predictability, better esthetic results and bone preservation. 




In a survey conducted pre-release, more than a dozen doctors were given the enhanced prototype for testing on close to 100 cases. The overwhelming majority reported excellent results in terms of insertion control, handling and initial stability. Like Dr. Alon Schifter, who provided feedback, stating that the “SEVEN implant brings the best of all worlds: Very gentle drilling protocol, relative easy (almost intuitive!) insertion process, very conservative insertion torque-40-45 Ncm, nevertheless very good primary stability.” Other feedback included Dr. Carles Marti, who says about his experience with the SEVEN that he noticed “less pressure in crestal bone and easy to reach the bone level”, and Dr. Burak, who says that “The controllable smooth insertion is perfect”. 

The implant incorporates the platform-switching design concept. Implants with a platform-switched configuration have been shown to exhibit less bone loss when compared to non-platform-switched implants, which may lead to soft tissue preservation and growth. Tali Jacoby, product manager at MIS, states that “The key principles at MIS are the critical clinical parameters which are important for the doctors. This is the reason we’ve added features which meet the needs of the market to improve the daily use of the implant for both doctor and patient.” 

The SEVEN’s root-shaped geometry and unique thread design enables excellent primary stability, offering the ultimate choice for a wide range of clinical cases. This allows for a simpler and faster implant placement. With a new, comprehensive concept for enhanced esthetics and better bone preservation in mind, and in order to support the advanced new features of the SEVEN, an additional line of concave abutments has also been added. The concave emergence profile was designed for a larger gingival volume, and along with its gold shading, offers a better esthetic result. 


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