R&D at MIS


The MIS Research and Development department is focused on three main areas of research work: development research, research to establish a marketing claim, and post marketing surveys. Within the development research team, the dedicated members spend their time and effort searching for and testing new materials, designs and surface treatments. They are passionate about improving existing products as well as designing and engineering new ones. Products which actually make things simpler for our customers and their patients. 

The second area of research involves vast collaboration with various prestigious universities and research institutions around the world, as well as distinguished doctors and external researchers who share our passion for new knowledge. This is all part of a large scale effort to secure solid, wide-reaching evidence of the efficacy and safety of all MIS products. 

Finally, and a key to ensuring the quality of our products, as well as the satisfaction of the people who use them, post marketing surveys are used by the R&D team. These are used for products released to market and are part of stringent regulatory requirements which are both internal and external to the company. These are also part of our internal research studies, and are intended to finetune our understanding of specfic market demands.


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