Kits & Tools

Kits & Tools



MIS Surgical Kits bring all the RIGHT tools for each and every implant procedure you may need into convenient, accurate and quality packages, making every job simple, and every surgery as safe and comfortable for the patient as possible. All kits feature an ergonomical kit design, for easy, single-handed opening. 

MIS Prosthetic Kits, and all of the complementary products included, help to ensure the final results by way of providing solutions for patient requirements, both functional and esthetic.  




MIS offers a wide range of surgical instruments and innovative tools to assure smooth and accurate surgical procedures. The range incorporates a wide variety of drills, body try-ins, keys, ratchets and insertion tools. 


Drills are laser marked for depth and color-coded to provide a user-friendly platform indication. 
MIS surgical drills feature internal irrigation, allowing for perfect cooling. Drill geometry is designed to finely prepare the socket for a perfect fit with the implant, facilitating excellent primary stability of the implant.


Control units


Control units are the power source and control hub of every tool used by the dentist. MIS control units feature an ergonomic design, are simple to use and very powerful. They are intuitive and offer fatigue-free operation, and can be relied up for the long-term.


  • Easily recognize color-coded tools during procedures.
  • No interruption of procedure due to easy single-handed opening mechanism.
  • Comfortable handling.

Technical Information

  • Surgical kits: Color coded; Ergonomic.
  • Prosthetic kits: Comprehensive; Cover all indications; For dentists as well as dental clinicians.
  • Tools: Laser marked drills for depth indication; Color coded with platform indication; Internal irrigation.
  • Control units: Ergonomic design; Fatigue-free operation.