So Far Away… in Paradise with the MIS Global Conference

February, 2018

Just when we thought that Barcelona couldn’t be topped, the first guests started arriving at the magnificent Atlantis resort in the Bahamas and were surprised by the beautiful surroundings and warm welcome by the MIS team. 


Every last tiny detail was worked out for the 1000 plus delegates arriving at the resort: from comfy flip-flops to handy back-packs and all the special events invitations they needed. Right away, it was clear that nothing was spared to make the next few days unique and memorable for everyone.




The day before the main scientific program was reserved for hands-on workshops and some serious real-time learning. There were 5 different workshops to choose from, ranging in topics from “Rehabilitation of the edentulous patient” to “3-Dimensional implant planning and execution with guided surgery”. Participants got to experience these issues by rolling up their sleeves and getting to work on these concepts and techniques, which are relevant in their own professional lives and practices. The workshops were led by a group of international experts in their fields including Emilio Argüello, Moshe Goldstein, Yuval Jacoby, Ignacio Sanz Sanchez and Vincent Fehmer.  

The events which followed on that evening did not fall short of absolutely spectacular. First, as guests arrived at Harbor Beach, just a short walk from their hotel at the resort, dressed casually and wearing their Make it Simple flip-flops which left a lovely impression on the sand, they were greeted by the magical atmosphere of a warm and softly lit summer night on the beach. Paper lanterns and inviting lounging spots were scattered all along the beach. Guests enjoyed the warm tropical evening breeze and the relaxed vibe. After a few welcome remarks by Idan Kleifeld, MIS CEO, the party got more exciting with an impressive water lightshow. Everyone looked out to sea and got to experience the MIS concepts of simplicity come alive in three dimensional form on the water. But the biggest surprise was yet to come. Soon after the lightshow, everyone was treated to a full-energy, live rock concert by none other than the Dire Straits Experience, which was followed by a fabulous fireworks display. It was the perfect ending to a perfect night, full of great music, amazing atmosphere and lots of good friends to share it all with.


Rock concert at the opening event of the conference

After such a great opening event, the crowd was ready for the main scientific program; a full day of engaging lectures by true experts in their field. There were lectures by thirteen different speakers followed by discussions, as well as a prize awarding ceremony led by the scientific committee, for the clinical case competition winners. Lecturers came from all over the globe and discussed a variety of topics, keeping the audience interested with their fascinating presentations and thought-provoking issues.


Fascinating lectures by incredible lecturers


The final day of the conference held a truly special surprise in store. The event opened with a powerful performance by guitar virtuoso Avi Singolda and included an interactive interlude which combined a group of very talented performers, and incorporated video and audio of the audience participating in the performance. It was absolutely stunning. Delegates enjoyed a unique lecture event, with presentations by a fantastic group of young specialists. Each one of the nine speakers brought their own unique and inspiring story to the enthusiastic audience.

After such an inspiring day listening to all the speakers, it was time to get together for a last bash on the beach. The closing party was absolutely a great time for all the guests who had another opportunity to get together with old and new friends for a night of drinks, dancing and the lovely Bahamas island breeze. It was also an opportunity for everyone to let loose and enjoy the fact that another incredible MIS global conference was a complete success. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make it unforgettable.