Joining the Club: The Partnering of MIS and the Prestigious Seattle Study Club

March, 2020

The Seattle Study Club, founded by Dr. Michael Cohen over twenty five years ago, is currently the largest continuing education program for dentists in the world. It includes 260 clubs spread throughout the globe, and provides each member a local community of peers to help in case treatment planning, sharing knowledge and discussing the most important topics which influence their clinics. 


Local club directors are given all the tools they need to manage their study club, from comprehensive curricula, including a framework and content, to personal guidance and support. The groups are multidisciplinary and include up to 35 members in each club. 


According to Dr. Cohen, the SSC is committed to helping their members “strengthen their practices, enhance relationships with peers and increase impact on the dental community. The clubs generate dozens of new ideas every year to help their members accomplish their goals.” 


For the first time this year, and after a rigorous screening process, MIS will be officially partnering with the Seattle Study Club. This is a tremendous opportunity for MIS to be involved with the localized groups, getting first hand feedback from the doctors who use our products, learning about their challenging cases and the innovative ways they have found to leverage these unique communities to advance their work and the care they provide to their patients.


Elad Ginat and Shlomi Magal congratulate the MIS USA team


In honor of the collaboration, MIS General Manager Shlomi Magal, VP of Marketing and Products, Elad Ginat, and Kris Gielens, Country Manager for MIS USA along with some senior member of his team, were invited to the study club’s annual symposium to present the company and its vision. The event was a 4 day, densely packed series of social gatherings, a treatment planning tournament, and lectures on a wide variety of topics from within and outside of the dental field. This was the perfect opportunity for the MIS team to get to know the ins and outs of the SSC and what makes them so unique. They enjoyed fascinating lectures on a variety of topics, from photography to parenting, to personal and inspiring journeys of doctors who spoke about enriching the relationships with clinic employees for a better work environment. In addition to the professional lectures and clinical cases that were presented, the SSC also provides comprehensive business planning education for its members, with the symposium providing an excellent opportunity to present the curricula of courses and business classes available.


Visit the Seattle Study Club website