Bone Graft Particulate


4BONE BCH - Bone Graft Particulate


4BONE BCH is a synthetic bone graft material made of Hydroxyapatite and ßTCP. Its osteoconductive structure, featuring 70% interconnected macro-porosity and micro-porosity, promotes colonization of osteogenic cells and allows the diffusion of biological fluids. Combined with its optimized morphology, 4BONE BCH provides flexibility and a predictable healing process for a wide range of bone regeneration procedures.


  • Bioactive: Promotes the formation of new bone by releasing calcium and phosphate ions into the surrounding area.
  • Osteoconductive: Micro and macro morphology allows cell attachment and proliferation.
  • Easy to Use: Granules are easily mixed with saline or the patient’s own blood. 0.5cc syringe packaging enables direct delivery to the augmented site.

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Clinical Cases

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