Multi-Unit System

Multi-Unit System

Multi-Unit System


MIS Solid Multi-Unit screw-retained abutments provide a superior, yet simple prosthetic solution for screw-retained, full and partial prosthetic appliances in almost every clinical scenario. These low profile connections come in different insertion angles and in varying gingival heights for surgical efficiency and exceptional aesthetic results.

100% compatibility is assured using MIS implants in all connection types and platforms. The Solid Multi-Unit abutments are made of biocompatible titanium alloy Ti 6Al 4V ELI and are tested for strength and durability. Their high quality surface finish ensures a precision fit.



  • Allows more precise impression-taking
  • Special gripping bar for stable insertion



  • Choice of insertion angles and cuff heights
  • Corresponding prosthetic components engineered for fit



  • Low profile with no sharp edges for better soft tissue healing
  • Exceptional aesthetic results and reliability



  • One-piece solid configuration greatly improves strength and durability
  • Re-designed geometry for optimal distribution of force

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