Cemented Restoration

Cemented Restoration

Cemented Restoration


Advantages of cement-retained crowns include a passive fit of the implant crown, avoiding the transfer of stress to the implants, excellent esthetic results and an ideal occlusal design.

An unaltered framework or abutment design decreases porcelain failure, allowing the use of conventional crown-and-bridge procedures.  
In addition, with cemented restoration the implant abutment-crown micro-gap is sealed, preventing bacterial debris from migrating into the abutment-crown space.


Cementable Abutments


MIS offers a series of abutments that feature a chamfer line which enables precise alignment and seating of the crown, while maintaining esthetics in terms of buccal-lingual crown position. Additionally, there are options for angulation correction, which enable compensation for anatomical deviations in the anterior, or in cases of mechanical issues which may arise as a result of implants placed at an angle.


CPK - Complete Prosthetic Kit


The MIS CPK allows for a complete restoration procedure: Closed tray impression taking, provisional restoration, and final restoration; without compromising or disturbing the implant-abutment interface. The abutment is installed once, in the implant, and is not removed again, and is used in the final restoration. This is recommended in cases of single or multiple implants which do not require angulation correction.


  • Passive fit.
  • No transfer of stress to implant.
  • Excellent esthetic results.

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