Internal Hexagon Implant


M4 Internal Hexagon Implant


MIS M4 implants combine the benefits of cylindrical and conical implant designs, aiming to achieve high primary stability in any clinical scenario. The two main features of M4 implants are:

Self-tapping, V-shaped thread design with three spiral channels, allowing smooth insertion even in type 1 bone.

A flat, cutting, tapered apex, enabling instant grip into bone in immediate placement procedures.


  • High Initial Stability: The conical implant body of the M4, along with v-shaped threads, are designed for mild bone compression and allow high primary stability, offering the ultimate choice for a wide range of clinical cases and loading protocols.
  • Reliable Results: M4 implants feature an internal hex. connection. This well established connection is engineered to ensure proper abutment seating, anti-rotational engagement, and resistance to lateral forces.
  • Clinical Success: The surface roughness and micro-morphology of all MIS implants, is a result of sand-blasting and acid-etching. This MIS established surface technology is intended for a high level of cleanliness, which potentially leads to effective osseointegration. This is one of the key factors which is designed to contribute to long-lasting clinical success.

Clinical Cases

Clinical Case Competition, Bahamas 2018
M4 Implants in the Maxilla

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