MIS Celebrates 25 Years of Making it Simple!

September, 2020

This year, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary as MIS Implants Technologies. During these two and a half decades, the company has stood up to countless challenges, explored many developments and celebrated many breakthroughs. We hope you enjoy reading our story as much as we have enjoyed being a part of it.


1995-2000 – The beginning


On a scorching and humid August day in the North of Israel, with a single machine in their workshop, which was actually owned by the bank, the Peretz brothers produced their first implant. 

Overcoming a slew of technical difficulties, from drilling to design, the young brothers, with their father’s blessing, succeeded in selling their first order of 100 implants in November, just a few months after that historic and hot day. 

With a close friend as their new salesforce, and a brand new Vespa motorcycle Doron Peretz won in a lottery giveaway, they set out to meet their potential customers and sell their new implant. Within a few short years, MIS had gained much experience, as well as new customers in Israel, Turkey, Spain and Portugal, setting their sights on a global market.




2000-2005 – A global emergence


Five years after having released their first implant, MIS was busy breaking out into the big world, beyond their small factory. The young company focused their efforts on a few strategic locations, and covered some major ground in one of these, knocking on every door in Europe. But this was a very traditional and tough market to crack. No one welcomed them in, or wanted to distribute their products. 

So they did the only thing they could do, and opened their own distribution channel, entirely devoted to the European market. With a new international location and a small team of dedicated sales reps, MIS presented at the 2001 IDS with an impressive booth and confidence. 

The addition of the Italian distributor Revello, the Greek distributor NEGRIN IN Dental, and newly opened MIS US branch, helped the fairly new company expand globally and become a serious player in the field, giving their much older and more established competition a run for their money.




2005-2010 – Expansion


As MIS grew and expanded from 45 to 165 employees at HQ during these years, so did the market demand for its implants. This growth led to an expansion of workspace and machinery. The once-single and outdated apparatus turned into dozens of state-of-the-art machines for production, as well as inspection and quality control. It was time to move the operation to a much bigger location, not far from the original building in a brand new industrial and technological park. 


As the company settled into a new facility, the MIS spirit prevailed. Although many new faces now crowded the production floor, engineering department and marketing offices, it still felt like a family-run business, caring for its people, passionate about its products and eager to make life-long partners.




2010-2015 – Innovation


With new facilities and technology, MIS was well on its way to a decade of creativity and innovation. The R&D team was looking for innovation that would put them on the right path towards the goal to simple products that would make a real difference. The company looked to the market and their customers for the answer, leading them to innovation in implants, with the conical connection, as well as the exciting new world of digital dentistry solutions.

While research and development looked for the right direction of innovation for their products, MIS was busy innovating their business model as well. The company began moving towards a subsidiary model, with localized, regional centers that would provide a distribution and support point of focus for their customers around the world.




2015-2020 – Celebrations of expertise


After building, working and thriving for two whole decades, it was time to invite all of the loyal customers, partners and friends to break their day-to-day routines and enjoy a global conference. Here, once again, the MIS spirit set the pace and rhythm for unforgettable, highly professional, and incredibly fun conferences, drawing key opinion leaders and guests from all over the globe. 


From the smallest details of design, location, and gifts to make the guests feel most welcome; to the grandiose, jaw-dropping evening events with world-class entertainment; and lectures and workshops that make the most out of the days spent away from home and work; the MIS team is committed to making these events truly unique, enriching and inspiring. 




Looking ahead to the next 25 years


With all the amazing changes and developments which have taken MIS to where it is today, it is our goal to always remember to keep our focus on the same basic principles of simplicity, passion for our work, and commitment to our customers, partners and team. We hope that the next 25 years will be just as exciting and successful as these last ones were.