Designing the new Ø5.7mm CONNECT: When doctors speak, we listen.

July, 2020

Fairly quickly after the release of the CONNECT abutment system a little over two years ago the project management and development teams at MIS started getting feedback from doctors. It was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. 


The system promised to solve some tough issues and it delivered. It provided a one-time abutment, which allowed doctors to perform a prosthetic procedure above the connective tissue level without cutting open the patient’s gingiva or disturbing the biological seal a second time. This meant a shorter and safer treatment and more predictable results.


The Ø4mm CONNECT is a narrow abutment with a low profile, which is ideal for esthetic restorations in the anterior zone. With experience, doctors who used it came to realize that it could also serve them for rehabilitating patients with implants placed in the posterior, and they turned to the MIS team to request a wider platform abutment for these types of treatments.


Ø5.7mm CONNECT Abutments

It wasn’t long before the development team rose up to the challenge and engineered the Ø 5.7mm CONNECT abutments and components. With all the advantages of the Ø4mm abutment, the Ø5.7mm provides the missing piece of the puzzle for doctors restoring posterior cases. It is suitable for wide and standard platforms, is as versatile as its narrower counterpart, and has a complete line of designated superstructures.


Being in touch with the doctors who use our products has always been a top priority for us. The relationships nurtured and built over the years have proven time and time again that when we listen to those who need and use the tools we provide, their work becomes simpler and their patients’ lives become better.


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